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The Culture Department in Møre & Romsdal county decided that in conjunction with the Cultural Heritage Year 2009, should produce a digital heritage atlas for use by municipalities in the county. Heritage atlas is an online digital tool to place in map, record and present the cultural heritage and cultural environment (not automatically protected) in the individual municipalities in the county.

The main purpose of the heritage atlas:

  • - To give an overview of cultural relics and historical culture in each municipality.
  • - Increase local government's knowledge in order to manage heritage sites in a good way.
  • - Provide increased knowledge of cultural relics in the municipalities, for use in schools, tourism etc.

The heritage atlas is a collaboration between the municipalities in Møre & Romsdal and Møre & Romsdal county government.

  • - Øyvind Takøy Naas, GIS-coordinator, M & R county
  • - Knut Sindre Vale, GIS-coordinator, M & R county
  • - Jan Aakvik, coordinator culturenet Møre & Romsdal
  • - Ingunn Krosby, unit leader for culture; Sula municipality
  • - Håvard Sørvik, head of maps and surveying; Nesset municipality
  • - Brit Hansen, counselor cultural heritage, M & R county
  • - Jens Peter Ringstad, fylkeskonservator , M & R county
responsible for the development:
  • - Øyvind Takøy Naas, GIS-koordinator, Fylkesmannen i M & R
  • - Knut Sindre Vale, GIS-koordinator, M & R fylkeskommune
  • - Brit Hansen, rådgiver kulturvern, M & R fylke
Assistance and testing
  • - Assistance to the registration form: Anne Sætren, NIKU
  • - Testing registration form: Aukra municipality by Ellen Karin Tangen and Aukra historical society
Responsible executives:

Data tech administrators:

Cultural heritage expert responsible:


  • Nils Gunnar Solli, assistant director of culture department, M & R county

Purchasing and tendering process:

  • Jorid Nerland, advisor M & R county
  • Arnt Ove Hol, purchasing manager M & R county

Contacts in the municipalities will be the responsible persons for culture in the relevant municipality